Saturday, August 31, 2013

Juliet in August

While all of this insect business is going on, I find it perfectly reasonable to sit nearby, knit and listen to something.  I stumbled upon an excellent book, read by someone with a wonderful upper MidWest/Canadian accent.
It's Juliet in August by Dianne Warren.  It's Prairie Home Companion to the north and so real.  Here's a paragraph of a review by Jim Carmin, Special to the Star Tribune, updated July 27, 2012:

Juliet is not a woman, but a town of 1,011 people on the edge of Saskatchewan's massive sand dunes, a town where on the surface it would appear that very little happens. As Lee Torgeson, one of the novel's dozen or so main characters, puts it, "Everybody knows everything in Juliet." But as it turns out, Torgeson is wrong. A great deal is going on here and no one really knows anything about what is really happening to anyone; they just think they do. Which is, of course, how it is in real life.
Imagine me recommending a book.  I guess it's safe to go to H---!


  1. HEy - We Canadians are the ones without the accents. It's you other guys who talk funny. Sorry, couldn't resist. Thanks for the book recommendation.

    1. It wasn't the Canadian accent I'm familiar with. It definitely reminded me of North Dakota!


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