Friday, August 16, 2013

August continues

Last Sunday, I was on Bloomfield Highway.  Cache time...
I sat in my car looking at this:
Yes, there's a cache there.  I can see the tell, BUT it's WAY over my head, AND there's a nasty ant hill parked under it. I used my head, my umbrella, and my car, and I logged it.  I considered driving on and finding another one, and also, once I had it in my hand, I considered driving off with it, and apologizing later.  Not necessary.  Nasty ants....

The next day, it was almost dark when I dragged Lisa out from under a blankie and we drove around the corner for her second lifetime cache.  Picked up a Pathtag, too.  It's trackable online.  Belongs to a family in Kansas.  Cool.

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