Friday, August 30, 2013


Ichabod hanging quietly, Friday morning, 8/30
Sorry that the container is such a mess... no one to blame but Ichabod!  And he has thumbed his nose at the photographer and chose a most inconsiderate place to hang.
An anxious Ichabod was on the move yesterday. He traveled every inch of surface area in and out of the container. He circled the rim many times, he slid down the side and onto the table, and we found him on the floor making tracks for the perfect perch. (I spent many hours listening to an audio book, knitting, and looking over to see he was missing!)
Today, he's as still as if dead, but there's a little twitch, once in awhile.  And I can't seem to capture it on video...

I'll be checking in to watch and see if I can catch him shedding his body for the new capsule today.  AMAZING STUFF!!

Well, life IS amazing, isn't it.  Thirty-one years ago tomorrow, my beautiful daughter made her first appearance and breath.  And she's on her way home to see us!  Happy Birthday, C!!

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