Monday, August 26, 2013

Blogs I Read

Here's your opportunity to suggest some I don't have listed!  Please do in my comment section.

As I look over my list, I realize it needs an update.  So, in the next week I'll be dropping and adding some.  There are some I don't have listed, but I regularly check on, like Knitting to Stay Sane, which I will add.
Meanwhile, I'm planning on saying good by to Stitches of Violet, since she has said good by. (I find it hard to believe...she'll be back!)  If you haven't checked it out, go back a few years and look at her wonderful bird photos.  It's a Michigan backyard.
I'm undecided about mimilikestomakeprettystuff.  I like Mimi's perspective, a young woman/student who avoids placing herself in a country, but is definitely a citizen of Europe.  My guess is that she is Croatian or Serbian.  She commented on my blog, and I found her designing pretty dresses and was intrigued.  Haven't heard from her in MANY months so she may have moved on.
Hege and Muffin are my Norwegian bloggers.  I may add another that is not related to knitting but gives lots of Norsky information.  Brenda and Peaceable Liberal (Laurie) are great productive knitters and always have something happening.
I'll have to see what's up with Bugs.  She is a personal friend of my daughter and I like looking into their lives through the blog.  Neither one of them have the TIME to write regularly, and I understand that.  (Her last blog post happened while I was "chatting" with her in the other room.)
And then there are the professional writers:  Panopticon and Yarn Harlot.  Excellent.



    I read her every morning.

  2. :-D Good guess and thanks for the compliments! I have double nationality and citizenship, one of them is Serbian. I even happen to have some Croatian ancestors.
    I don't know what to do about the blog, I used to post with such a mojo, but somehow I started postponing my posts and it's hard to get back on track. I'm remorsful about it, but still not sure what to do. But I do read a lot of blog and brows pinterest almost daily.

    1. I know about mojo.... just look at my (lack of) posts for 2013, and where did July go?

  3. I read different blogs for different reasons. The RineySisters I read because they aus such wonderful knitters. Chez Lizzie I read becasue she designs and also posts pictures of a part of the country I don't get to often enough.


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