Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Knitting

Yes, my friends, it is still VERY MUCH summer in NW New Mexico.
And I'm chugging along under wool.  A fan, an outdoors breeze at 90º F, "it's a dry heat", and ...
turns into this:
The last color, white, is left... And as the weather stays hot, and the sweater is growing... I might have to put it aside for awhile.
It's on #9 US needles and flies along.  Each section is a mile marker and easy to see progress.  I'm looking forward to making another one with the leftover yarn from this one plus other leftover yarn.  My mind is racing along, although I've decided to get to a kit (pattern and yarn) I purchased almost a year ago in a mosaic pattern.  At least it will start small, and not feel so heavy in my lap.
Pattern:  Single Stranded Tunic (A137)  by Susie Bonell  from Cascade Yarns Website
Yarn:  Ecological Wool  by Cascade Yarns  Bulky / 12 ply, 100% Wool, 478 yards / 250 grams


  1. Lovely pics, as usual!
    I made a throw, I think it is called Hemlock Ring, from that EcoWool. Love it'

  2. I love the tunic. Although tunics don't love me! But the colours are great.

    1. That's what it's called but don't tell my son-in-law! It's a pullover!


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