Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It's TRUE!  I get things done when I'm busy... hmmm.  That sounds a bit like---duh!  Busy=Productive!
But that isn't what I mean.  It seems like I have been relaxed and idle all Summer, and suddenly with one week until September, which brings a visit from my daughter and granddaughter, I can think of a zillion things I wanted to do before they get here.  So here it goes!
I have taken on one class, twice a week, which means I get out of the house on a schedule two mornings a week, and dang!  I suddenly want to pull weeds, and sew!  Sewing:  You have to do it at home, that is, if you want to use the sewing machine!  A project I started thinking of last Spring, and carted to Norway in May, and never touched a stitch, until last weekend, is now to the point where I don't want to finish until I get some feedback.
It's a little purse, cute as can be, by Betz White called Caitlyn Handbag.  Here's my attempt using fabric I purchased a few years ago.
 The greenish band at the top is really turquoise... I think!   It's made with pleats, and I'm stuck.  What color should the strap be?  You tell me!  The strap is supposed to be 36" long (1 meter), and skinny, so my visuals are not to scale.
 Big button?
 Little button?  The button is ornamental.  There's a magnet snap under it.
So far, I like it!  I'm going to have to make more...
What do you say about the strap?  It could be in the red fabric but I have to send for it... It's in Norway. Or maybe they still have it at the shop.  The other fabric I brought back with me, and I thought I was clever.  


  1. I like the print strap and the big button.
    (For what that's worth!)
    Cute shape, great colors! How big is it?

    1. I should have stuck my hand in the photo, but I haven't mastered the art of one hand photography! It's about 10 inches across the top. 9-1/2" deep.

  2. I like the turquoise strap and the big button, too. :)


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