Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nature Rearranged

Bringing insect life into the house carries a lot of responsibility!  I don't like to mess with nature, although wasps living in my eaves is another thing that I gladly will rearrange.
Ichabod doing acrobatics: 8/30
I will now make a report that should be good for a week or two:  Both caterpillars are now doing whatever they do inside their chrysalises, and we don't expect any change.
Ichabod surprised us by staying low in the container, and made a brown chrysalis unlike Sacajawea's bright green. To get any kind of photo, and to protect the species, (I read that as a newly hatched butterfly they need room below them to stretch their wings, so it wasn't totally blog-driven) I clipped some parsley, removed unused sticks, and moved I and S to more flattering poses.
Ichabod from Saturday morning: 8/31
It's amazing to see Ichabod masquerading as a dead leaf, which is exactly what I would think if it was outside.
In the meantime, the granddaughter arrives tomorrow, so there will be little time for this blogging nonsense, and I just ordered ants for an ant farm though I pointed out we have a crop of ants in the living room!
Changes to come!

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