Monday, September 2, 2013

The end of the month

It becomes an obsession, when you HAVE to find a cache, just because it is August.
Here's the last one: August 31.
Here's a nano sized geocache, with a tiny strip of paper wound up inside. That would be the log that I signed and dated.  And here's where I found it.  This is called a spoiler, except I haven't told you the name of the cache.
And what did I get?  The satisfaction that I found a crazy number of them. And my reward was a "souvenir" for each day, shown here, plus the other landmark souvenirs found throughout my geocache life.

Countries, States, Cities, Provinces, and events are marked by a "souvenir".  It's like a stamp in your passport!

A sigh of relief,... I don't have to get a cache today or tomorrow....

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