Thursday, August 29, 2013

butterfly anticipation

Do you think insects will perform on schedule?
I'm hoping for the best, to entertain a four-year-old... who wants the caterpillar to become a butterfly "right now"!!
Here's the time frame:
Discovered caterpillars on Monday late afternoon, and less than 24 hours later they were both climbing around on the sticks.  This indicates they might be ready to settle in and form a chrysalis.  At that point a butterfly could appear between 1 and 2 weeks later.  Our deadline for the 4-year-old is 4 weeks from yesterday.  She will arrive on the 1st and depart on the 25th.
Progress?  After both of them climbed around Tuesday, by Wednesday morning one returned to munch on the parsley, and the other is hanging by threads to a stick, looking half the previous size, and very quiet.  I guess it's time to give them names:  Ichabod and Sacajawea.  Ichabod is the muncher, and Sacajawea is getting on with business on the stick.
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Tuesday: Wandering up and down

Wednesday: Ichabod munching on Italian Flat-leafed Parsley

Wednesday morning: Sacajawea starting the process, 8/28/13
When I went to bed Wednesday night, the above Sacajawea was looking a bit shrunken, but still exactly like the above photo. Bleary eyed this morning, and incredulous, that there was such a major transformation overnight!

Thursday morning: I couldn't believe my eyes!
The two tiny threads are still there...  Please click on these photos to get a better view.
Thursday morning: 24 hours later 8/29/13

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