Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Aren't they cute? Feeding on my flat leafed Italian parsley...
With our granddaughter coming next week, we hope to keep them alive, and possibly become Black Swallowtail butterflies before September 26.  HURRY!
 I have sacrificed one of my yarn containers, and part of my parsley plant for science!
 First, we looked up what kind of animal these littles guy might be.  The miracle of the internetS!!  Then there were links to raising butterflies indoors.
My husband is NOT happy with the open container, however, I'm confident that

  1. they won't get far,
  2. they won't WANT to get far away from the parsley,
  3. they won't taste very good to the cats,
  4. we can track them down, and
  5. air is good!
According to the wisdom of the internetS, they will stay on the host plant until it's time to pupate.  At that time, they look for sticks to attach themselves.
Fingers crossed!

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