Saturday, August 17, 2013

Where are those caches?

I'm writing this on Wednesday night, after a very disappointing day, and a day I hope won't be repeated... ever!  Since August 2 I've been trying to find one cache a day for the month of August.
I spent half of today wandering around looking lost looking for caches, and I didn't find ANY!  There goes my streak!  August 2-13, twelve days... DONE.
I hate Junipers...
Such a lovely landscape, once upon a time, now I only see junipers and wonder why I looked at dozens of them today, and found nothing... very disappointing, but I said that...
The first cache, and the only cache I intended to find today was within spitting distance of the place I was volunteering this morning, and I had saved it for today because of that. With disbelief I combed through shrubbery, and even skipped around a fenced off area, looking nonchalant as if I was enjoying myself.  BLEH! #2 I went to the notary, and nearby I noticed there were a whole row/set of caches that had just been published along the river.  I tried #2 and #3, but it looked like I had to leave the path behind, and scramble through brush, and there were people around, and my pretty little sandals didn't like it.  #4 I decided I would make a trip to the college, and on the way stop by a park, and SURELY find one.  I could see it on the map, I could get a clear reading on my GPSr but... No, in a bunch of junipers.  I stood there examining each one in a 15 foot radius, and I bet the cache was staring back at me.  No luck.  It was then that I began to notice that a certain cache owner liked these juniper caches, and I was beginning to think nasty things about that cache owner.  I continued to the college, and, of course, there was one marked right there along the entrance drive to the college, so I hopped out, and junipers.  Others had remarked that the coordinates to that one were inaccurate, so it was hopeless. (That was number #5.)  After business at the college, I started home, and I remembered that I would pass right by one I had looked for years ago, and had given up, so I stopped again (#6), and this time I meant business!  I went from this:

to THIS!
which I keep in the trunk of my car for just such emergencies!  No more pansy sandals... It was getting late in the day!
Alas, those junipers got the better of me.  Even my lucky hiking boots didn't help.
After a quick trip home, I had to return to town and I located one near my friend's house.  In a wide open (treeless) area, #7 would be MINE!  Upon arrival I noticed a police car, and then another showed up, and an ambulance, and a fire truck... all surrounding the building where I had parked.  So after a cursory search I left empty handed.  DANG!  Now I had dinner and a rehearsal until dark, so I SHOULD just give in and call it the end of my streak, but, you know me?!
#8, at 9 PM, in the dark, or darkish Main Street, looking for a cache on a deserted street corner, a cache that I wasn't really sure was still there, and no light, just running my fingers under things, hoping... But it wasn't to be.  Maybe I'll have good news tomorrow!  I'm not THAT crazy, am I????

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