Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time flies

No excuses... Everyone seems busy, and I've been least busy. I sure do enjoy a good Audiobook and a knit on the sofa!
And many hours are spent there! It isn't that I knit incredibly fast, but that I enjoy it, and spend my time knitting especially when I feel I'm multi-tasking.
In the past month I've completed the 4 year old size pullover with crazy colors, and a vest for myself in jewel-tone colors.
Both of those pieces are going to the Fair next week along with a few other projects from the past year. I have been nagging adamant that others enter knitting so it doesn't look like my show, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

So, first to the knitting:

  1. My striped VEST!  I can't believe it myself... Those hours on the sofa, with the fan blowing, and wool in my lap... I love it.  Someday it will be chilly enough to wear!  A simple pattern from Creative Knitting Magazine.  See my Ravelry page, and I "only" used a month...  I wanted to use up some colors/yarns I've had for awhile, and used two different blacks.  I didn't mean to, since I have lots of both left.  I wouldn't have noticed except when I entered the yarn usage into the Ravelry page, I found two bands for the black.  I guess they can be used interchangeably for most discerning eyes!  I didn't notice it, and it was in my hands...
  2. I'm working on my Suki poncho, that is really a shawl pattern.  Using Casbah Sock yarn which is so yummy to my hands.
  3. Was I trying to reduce my stash?  Why yes, I WAS, until I saw a sweater that might hopefully will be a perfect gift for the SIL in Norway.  And rather than mess with the altering of pattern to accommodate my stash, I went to the web and purchased:
    Cascade Eco Wool
That's worth a blog, someday...


  1. EcoWool! Yum! It will knit up faster than that beautiful vest, I think!

  2. Hey, it even registers me as in Geneseo on your feed now!


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