Monday, August 12, 2013

The Fair

I'm proudly admiring my handiwork that I submitted to the San Juan County Fair, 2013.  Last year there was an abundance of rosettes given out.  Best of Show in EVERY category.  I guess nothing measured up this year, since I saw only one and it was given to a crocheted afghan.  (All you who know my opinion of crochet should collectively gasp, however, I looked closely at it--it was Gorgeous (except for the texture of the fiber: Ah ah ahcrylic) and I was truly amazed that the stitching had been created by crochet.) I digress...
Next I carefully put away my wares and took the ribbons (there are 6 Blues, my friends) and detached the little paper tags, and wrote names and dates on the backs.  Imagine my surprise when I saw one that had, "lovely" written on the back!  How nice!  It was a comment on my striped vest!  And sure enough, on the next tag there was a long diatribe that stated that I got Blue as a sympathy award, and next time I had better clean up my loose ends on the inside...  I was aghast!  What?? Loose ends on the inside?  All neatly blocked and... I looked.
Sure enough:  One shoulder seam tacked down, and the other NOT!  Plus, well... you can see.  And the yarn there was enough for a full side seam... how I didn't notice, or thought to turn it inside out...?
I thought it was finished.  Very embarrassing...  probably could have gotten a Rosette.
After I took the first picture above, I neatly folded my Red Bird Pullover and put it on the shelf for my 4 year old's impending visit!  Now I have something else to do...

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