Saturday, August 24, 2013

Still 100ºF/35ºC

Not for long... But it's still hot in the direct sun.  And I'm out from under the wool:
Isn't it a beauty?  I'm not totally convinced that the collar is the most beautiful... it's plain garter stitch...but I'm convinced it's the best for this pullover.  i.e. not bulky, and stretchy.  I don't think the collar needs to add warmth with the rest of it being so... "bulky".
I'm super happy that it turned out nice, and that it's DONE!  See Ravelry link at top for details.


  1. It IS a beauty. For H?
    I'm also loving the colors of that sweater for you!

  2. It is VERY VERY nice. I once started knitting a sweater for him but...he's so BIG! He is going to really like wearing this!! :)


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