Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome, 2013!

What can I say?  It all ended with optimism, creativity, carefree, innocence... (2012), and when I awoke this morning, I proceeded to recognize disaster, ruin, and ... another lesson in learning from my mistakes. (2013)
It started more than a year ago, with itchy fingers, and a search for a fair isle pattern.  The pattern: Hearts and Flowers.
Although my Ravelry page lists this project as "frogged", it was really thrown set aside, hoping that it could be used for something... originally it was to be the body of a pullover for a little girl, growing too fast.
That little girl is now 3-1/2 years old and staying with Grandpa and Grandma for a week;  it's a week of cold temps, and occasional snow, (tempting to be eaten snow), and since big puffy mittens are a bit cumbersome, Grandma thinks that this little girl needs some flexible knit mittens.  After some discussion about color (purple/lots of colors) Grandma thinks she has the answer.  And what could be easier?  Put your little hands down on this, and let Grandma trace!  Willingly done.
 Yay!  Off to the sewing machine... but gosh!  Why is that first one so tiny?
Lesson 1:  Tracing the outline of a hand is not the way:  I discover that mittens are 3-dimensional... hmmm.
Soldiering on I make the second larger.  And it turns out pretty well.  Now, will Miss Princess accept a mitten that is so tiny that it squeezes her fingers together?  Of course not!
Lesson 2:  Just knit, knittinglady!  Instead I pieced together the third one, which involved (but not limited to) seaming by machine, trimming, kitchener, and a bleeding wound on my index finger from getting too close to the screw that holds the sewing machine foot etc.  The biggest problem was finding enough cuff to make a third mitten.
Results?  Probably a throw away.  I have 4 more days of cold to get one use out of these... The inside is a disaster:
 I'm not proud, but hope someone is more intelligent than I, and will realize: START LARGE!
Gosh, they could have been SO cute... I better get knitting...


  1. Nooooooooo, Nooooooooo! Noooooooooooooooo!
    With thoughts of warmth, Bee

  2. Much better than frogging, but was it big enough for a cowl? Or opened and edged as a trivet or placemat?
    I think the mittens are cute, and wish that you had all our snow(or as much snow as we) to play in!
    Enjoy your week as fulltime Grandma!

  3. You had a great idea, but sometimes things go wrong. It's human to make mistakes, one can't think about everything. You did an amaizing job repairing that mitten, most people would have lost their patience and throw the entire thing in the garbage.

    1. Guess where it (all 3 mittens) is? LOL Just kidding... in the closet as a reminder.


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