Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Accomplishments at Knit Nite (not)

It was one of THOSE knit nites, when I scurried around at home looking for something I could knit that I wouldn't screw up... and I found nothing.  In the end I grabbed a couple of things, AND a new (not thought through) pattern, yarn and needles, intending to cast on.  I thought I might be able to cast on without making a mess...
Left to right: Shawl, shawl yarn, vest and yarn (in my favorite yarn bowl with lid.)

I abandoned the cast on idea as soon as I hit my chair, and worked on my vest (traveling stitches) until I got nervous about which direction I was going on the chart.  Then I picked up my shawl (lace) and tried that until I was certain I had dropped a stitch. (I borrowed two cable needles at a time, twice, because I messed it up the first time...what was I thinking? A "two cable needle" crossover while laughing?)  I immediately borrowed a tapestry needle, put in a "life line" and put it down.
Obviously I wasn't the only person accomplishing so little:
Pictures taken at the 2 hour point showed Koo with exactly this much of her cast on for 2-at-a-time socks.
 Dee had knit her loose end into the blanket instead of the new skein.
 MeeBee had ripped out this much.

Loo had something to show, but it didn't look any different than 2 hours ago...?

Success Stories!  Jee was cheating ...
 She had something straight to knit!  (Nice scarf she's wearing...!)
 And Kee managed to ASK FOR HELP and get an inch done.  Both are to be commended!
 Who had the most fun?
Gany was stepped over dozens of times, and LOVED IT!

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