Thursday, January 17, 2013

Covering Ground

Because I've been Wildly Busy, and out for the good-time, I haven't blogged, but I've thought of it! In fact, when I sat down a few minutes ago, I was shocked that my mental capacities hadn't transferred to my list of blog posts...I expected to see at least 10 topics since January 1, yet there are none.
Here is a list of possible posts, and if there's something you'd really like to hear/see, send me a comment.'s a great day to knit!
Upcoming posts:
Reprieve of the mittens (All New)
Life as Grandma (Ducks and Deer in the park)
Air Travel (It's Not for Sissies)
Cruise Travel (No dishes!)
Ruins and Snorkels
New Orleans
Finishing Socks a day late (one pair out of 10!)


  1. I agree with you aboutt the air travel. And I am keen to hear about your trip to New Orleans.


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