Sunday, January 20, 2013

The More you Cruise...

Yes, the more you cruise, the more you... Cruise!

Real writing time:  off the coast of Belize with a damp iPad. My thumbs can feel the moisture on the screen. No need to go ashore yet, since there isn't much in Belize City that is enticing. Authorities have announced that it is best to avoid South Belize City for "your safety". Now, doesn't THAT just make you want to go ashore?  In a few hours we will make our way ashore by tender to meet a tour group for reef snorkeling and beach. 

We are traveling with daughter, her husband and three year old and taking turns with a nasty chest cold. (Juju and I have not had it, yet. We are waiting until our return flights!)
You may have heard the saga of airline travel of grandparents with three year old. I guess it just makes me appreciate when things go right.  You can see the fifteen point disaster bulletin of travel between Farmington and New Orleans (See Jan 19 blog post/yesterday). 
Knitting? Of course. I brought three projects hoping I would finish two of them. 
Number one:  Totoro mittens in leftover (favorite colors) yarn from juju's Norwegian grandmother. It would be nice if they went home with her since they are useful, but plenty big for another year. 
Number two:  Black stripe socks for C.  It would be nice to put them in the same bag, just because I like to make socks for my girls. 
Number three:  Cotton Charybdis Shawl.  No plans, but a fun project because of the progressive shading.  If it was finished now, I would be wearing it to the dining rooms on the ship. Quite chilly! 
Ahhh, food.  You have to mention food with cruising. I believe that lots of things could go wrong, but if the food is excellent, it doesn't matter. (OK, I exaggerate.)  We just had a leisurely breakfast on the upper deck.  And the crew is doing its best to fight a gastro-intestinal sickness outbreak.   We aren't allowed to touch food in buffet style dining, and we are frequently sprayed with disinfectant.  If you have any complaints you can be seen at the health facility for free. 
So far, the Mayan ruins were spectacular and the kid's pool is outstanding. 
Today, reef snorkeling!  Not bad!

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