Thursday, January 24, 2013

On the Edge

Life on the edge for a knitter:
Knitting with yarn that you suspect KNOW is going to run out before you complete a project.
Am I right?
Risky behavior... 
that I haven't been able to avoid.  
I think it has to do with my compulsion to use up stash yarn... gosh, there's a lot, I should be able to do a project or two or many without buying more...
#1:  Really!  This one was totally a surprise... I started socks a long time ago.  "Stricken" is the pattern, from Knit. Sock. Love.
So long ago, that I have to look it up to NOT exaggerate:  Oh, July 15, 2012, not so bad... and after Christmas when I started to wonder what's next, and why can't I just pick up something beautiful that's on needles?...  I did.
 Yummy Ultra Alpaca Fine by Berroco.  As I approached the heel, I began to feel the ball of yarn was a little "light", yet I was sure the skein had enough for a pair of socks... and then there was a little tugging at the back of my mind... like, had I ever used some of this yarn for "another" project?
This is where Ravelry is really important to us knitters of age and excess.  The answer was yes, I had used "a little" in my Turkish Socks.  But could that mean...?  At that point I hastily separated the yarn into what I thought might be halves, and this is where I ran out.  The toes may have to be "different", but I won't know for sure until I have the second sock knitted up.  That will probably be another 6 months...
#2  Yesterday I was reading another blog, and she got me excited about a "block color" project for Juju. (Currently NOTHING on my needles for can THAT be?)  I did some calculating, and in my mind I thought I had enough from a previous project... but I may be wrong... I won't be surprised. AGAIN!!!  ARGHH! (Fodder for another post.)

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