Thursday, June 19, 2014


I am reminded of a quote from the sixth-century Chinese philosopher, Lao-Tzu, founder of Daoism:

"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."

Airline travel in a nutshell!

What has happened?  I found myself with a many legged air ticket that takes me to visit my uncle, my friends, my daughter and family, and knitter friends to be.  Hang on!

Before I left, I had a fit of sewing... and when I have a fit of anything, well, I end up with a lot of ideas, and too little time.  That's why my checked bag came in at 49.7 pounds (the limit is 50), AND a box was send in the mail.  My travels are for 2-1/2 months...  You see my dilemma, perhaps?

One thing now and more later:  I thought I was clever, and I thought I was a master quilter (I guess), but I'm NOT!  The "Castle Wall" beat it out of me...   It looked so nice when the pieces were laid out:
I sewed one together, and nothing matched, and I was pivoting to sew seams at angles, and **** it came out all wrong, and not the least bit flat.  
Does it look flat?  Yes, it's pressed flat with several lovely folds/pleats.  
Plan 2b:  Sew all the parts together and make something less challenging.  It will be a doll skirt... Perfecto!

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