Friday, June 20, 2014

From the past...

A few months ago, I was sitting home alone, and I had an extra bed, and an extra room, and a wave of throw-things-out came over me.  The truth is, I'm a mini-hoarder, with stashes of yarn, and fabric. I don't even know for sure, but there are blogs from August 22 and September 4 and 8, 2010 showing my (lack of) progress.  Almost four years later I reached up to the top shelf, after moving the bagged pieces and project every six months, and I thought NOW IS THE TIME!
I was spurred on by a duvet that has never had a well-fitted cover, and instead of going out and buying fabric, I decided to be thrifty, and finish.
The truest sense of the meaning:  Scrap Quilt, yet it will be a duvet cover, with no batting.
It will be waiting for me to finish when I get home, so I can't promise a finished project until... it's finished.  I couldn't bear the thought of hand-quilting so my favourite fabric store took it with a 3 week backorder for machine quilting.
It could go back on the shelf....I wonder... 

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