Monday, November 22, 2010


Really, this is often the extent of winter in NWNM.
Remember the picture last week of the leaves?
This morning we have this.

It won't last.  By noon it will be just wet leaves.  (Not sure what the sigh is about... maybe it's the winter, maybe it's that the snow will disappear, however, that's the reason I live here.... maybe it's the blankity blank slippers I'm working on.)


  1. I'm working on a bank mess. Well, obviously not. I'm typing a comment on your blog. We had more snow. As winters go, NWNM is great. I love having seasons.

  2. I noticed your weather this week is forecast to be colder than we have! We had a little snow last Friday-not quite as much as you show. 60 and rainy today.

    knitting mittens, hats and scarves. Lamenting that I have so much wool and not enough time to knit it all at once!


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