Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tour in the wind

Yep, the land for wool-wear! And wind proof clothing!  That's why we are smiling.
Our tour of "The Golden Circle", and Gold Falls...

A pretty day, but the WIND!
(Earlier: I dress, run out the door of the hotel to search for the cache across the street.  Located the area, standing on the edge of a break wall, buffeted by gale force winds, chilling my rain coat, and me.  I turn around and run back to the hotel, up to the room. "Pattie! Get the hats!"  And I peel off my light weight Landsend cardigan and replace it with solid Lopapeysa Icelandic cardigan.  A good choice!)
Following the trail where the tectonic plates move and government began in Iceland.

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