Monday, September 26, 2016

Harpa and Falls

Harpa: This is the impressive concert and convention center (multi-purpose) building within view of our hotel room window.  Yes, it looks wet... Every day it was wet, and WINDY.  Did I mention the wind yet?  It was, and I wore all my layers for the first 4 days of the trip.  Normal clothing with tights, vest, Icelandic bulky sweater*, wool scarf, hat, mitts, wool socks, and real shoes*.  (*=things from closet I didn't know I had until I started to pack.)
Looking at these pictures, I see only blah grays, but below, this was taken in early evening, and you might detect that some of the glass façade is lit.  In fact, it was a colorful light show, which entertained us every night--all night as our personal Northern Lights.  It was beautiful!
Then our days seeing the country were dynamic...rushing water, giant rocky rifts,
And did I mention the wind?
Oh, yeah...the layers, plus raincoat...and my friend from FLORIDA!!! (And we smiled!)

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