Saturday, September 10, 2016

And then there was England!

What's this?  We hired a narrowboat, and chugged around at 2-3 mph for 2 weeks.  Yes, we laughed as we saw signs for Warwick each day.  Sometimes 7 miles to Warwick, and other times 5 miles.  Seems we could get farther away.  Eventually we gave in and chugged right into Warwick.  
Here are the captains, self-proclaimed, in the boat.  No, they were not being artistic... everyone else was working on their creativity at the table.

Emerging from a short tunnel.  You can see all the way through... as opposed to the 2-1/2 mile tunnel we went through in both directions.  DARK!

Getting ready to fill one of the 160 locks we went through.

And a lovely push button do-it-yourself-stop-traffic drawbridge.  

A flight of locks!  See them all lined up ahead?  

Our captain and favorite first-mate!

Yes, there was room for all 7 of us on the boat, and around the table at each pub stop.

Time to feed the swan's babies.  Mama happy, everyone happy!

This is the super long tunnel...about 45 minutes to get through it.

Amazing weather!  Only 3 mornings of a little drizzle out of 14 days is a real success!

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