Thursday, June 16, 2016

The 17th of May

Reporting a month later, but still fun to remember!

The school children meet up at their schools, and...

with their banner (Kronstad Skole), they begin the 2 mile walk
into the city center, meeting up with other schools along the way.
Everyone dresses up and takes to the streets... 
Here are some of the teachers.  The woman on the right showed us her jewellery which is made from rare coins that have been in her family.
And here is my family.
Here is another school coming down the mountain to meet us.
Here is the beginning of the real parade, 2 hours later!
The "People's Parade" has all of the colourful organisations represented.
Bagpipes to African Dancers, 
and bicycles of all types.  The two parades pass each other and we are there at the ending of one parade and the end of the other.
Yep!  This is definitely why I planned this trip THIS May.
We weren't the only ones taking pictures!

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  1. Sigh.
    Looks even better than the Oslo parade you took me to.
    She's gorgeous!


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