Friday, June 24, 2016

At last!

How satisfying to sew by machine.  After years of hand sewing, not continually but in spurts, I think this is the end.  I don't know what happened to my plan to machine quilt the borders.  I'm glad I rejected it.  

I love this quilt.  Created by my daughter in 2004, as a project to keep her sanity between countries and education degrees, and discovered by me on an island off the west coast of Norway.  I scooped it up, and over the past years, as I spent a month or two a year visiting, I became obsessed 
...determined that it would finished in my lifetime, and NOT cross the Atlantic a second time.
Success it IS!  
I have to admit that it is not perfection.  The piecing design is lovely, but there are flaws everywhere.  I got so frustrated with the last border puckering that I had the scissors wrestled from me by my daughter, who insisted that it deserved to live.  So, people of the future, do NOT judge me by this beauty.  I used to make much neater stitches and measure more carefully.

I rest... until I finish here and pick up my knitting. 

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