Saturday, June 18, 2016


I received a lot of comments on the "bunad" costume for my granddaughter.  Here are some close-ups:
Hardanger style embroidery used in the apron.  This is a stock, buy-by-the-meter,  lace band.
And another apron... Think of the work if this was handmade!  It would take me many painful months to sew and cut the threads...
The vest is totally lined and sewn to the skirt.  The skirt and vest can both be lengthened here.
The shoulder tops are lengthened or shortened, here.
This is the front of the vest.  There are three hooks holding it closed.  And two more hooks holding the tab.  You can see that the first threads are still there from when the tab was used for the 2-year-old size.  (Looking at close-up photos...someone didn't do a very nice job of attaching the tab...hmmm, me?)
Inside, the vest can grow in width and length.
We'll see how much we need for next year!

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