Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A hike a cache

Everything is UP from here!  Or so it seems...  Mountains on two sides, with caches everywhere.
I tend to make fun of the weather in Bergen, because it usually is chilly and rainy... all summer, but I'm not complaining!  Soon it will be mid-summer.  The sunsets at 11 pm are so foreign to me!
And geocaching becomes a hike.  Bergen!

Lots of WW2 history around here.  I find it surprising that there is so much in memory of those who died on both sides of the war.  This was occupied territory, and there are several cemeteries with ally and enemy graves.  I have no idea what this marker is for.  It is high up the side of one of the mountains, at the edge of the (now) forest trails.

And I took this photo because I was sure it means something.  I just don't know what...
Paper swans? Origami?  Maybe it's there to liven up an otherwise drab gray apartment building.

What I really mean is that the weather has been great.  Pleasant 70-ish, I'm delighted to leave my raincoat and boots at the door.  And by "hike" I mean "climb".  

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