Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sojouner, Continuing

A week ago, after much wandering, touching, feeling, and storing MORE yarn that I "found" in my suitcase, I decided to return to a project that made my jaw drop... it dropped more than two years ago, and I cast on 1-1/2 years ago, but never mind!  I picked it up, and have been full speed ahead.
On my Ravelry page, I posted a picture I took at WEBS of the model that caused this stand-still/jaw-dropping/purchase moment, but now I've really gotten to the part that is exciting:  The cable work!  Design elements... I still like it.

What you see is the fancy waistband.  I looked back at my previous blogs about this here and here, and after a moment of self-induced panic, I thought... I better measure this again!
Again, the bottom edge is longer than I expected, but the waistband bit is 6" less, so I think I'm good!  Oh, bring on winter... 

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  1. I can see you in that sweater. It will be gorgeous on you.


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