Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall on the Blog

Fall=Autumn, by the way...
I have noticed such beautiful pictures from all over the world.  Leaves are turning, and my own yard looked better than usual when I returned from a month away!
Morning Glories are blocking one whole window, but I'm not complaining!  And they stay out all day, not just mornings.  They are SO cheerful.
Who knows why I have purple in one window, and pink in the other?  Soil?  They've been there so long that I don't remember when I first threw seeds in there.  They miraculously reseed themselves every year*.
And then the real "Fall" flowers waited until I left.
 The tomatoes are eeking out their last existence.   Tomato weather during the days, they will survive awhile longer if I think of them at bedtime.
 And who can resist a photo-op?  Clyde and Bonnie have been very needy since I returned! They follow me everywhere.
Enjoy the day! Carpe diem!

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  1. Carpe Diem indeed. Hope you had a great vacation.


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