Thursday, October 18, 2012

So many things! Tie up and stuffing!

You might think I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, but no.  This has to do with smart people!  Makes me feel almost... Smart! LOL
Two things that I stumbled upon this morning:
1) Scarves:  I have some lovely non-knit scarves lurking in my closet.... and often feel so dorky when I try to wear them.  Besides wearing all black and gray, here are some tips:  Tying Scarves  Very clever!
If you see me wearing a (non-knit) scarf... you'll know I'm working on the new me!
2) Mittens:  I bought a "thrumming" mitten pattern while in Canada, but this one goes further.  It's called Stuffed Mittens.  What a surprise!  Alas, NM is not the place for such except for that one night a year when we gather at the river with luminarias.  It's always the most frigid evening of the year...
Just sharing!  Better get that turkey thawing!

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  1. I'm confused. Isn't the American Thanksgiving later in November? However there is no better time for a turkey dinner than now.


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