Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sayonara, Sojourner!

False start:  Cast on March 28, 2011.  I was apprehensive about the size:  Such detail to size in this pattern.  Instead of sizes, there were measurements that corresponded to the size of the bottom circumference (read:hips).  How demoralizing to have to measure one's own hips to start a project, let alone measure (or ask) someone else's.  Alas, I took the plunge, measured, and found, of course, I was between two sizes.  I opted for the larger, since it was only an inch larger than my measurement. Working a few inches, I loved the pattern, and the yarn, and Ravelry!
I decided to do the smart thing:  On Ravelry, ask others who were finished what they thought of the sizing.  One person said she made hers too big.  It should have fit, but she ended up adding darts to give it some shape.  That made me re-evaluate my sizing.
I remeasured myself, I took the 3-1/2" off my needles and measured... It's 4" more than the pattern size I'm following...  so it's un-ravelry time!  And plans to cast on in the near future before I forget what I'm doing.  I know that if it's too small, I have someone in the family who would welcome it, and I can still appreciate it!


  1. What I mean by 4" is that it was 4" longer around the hips than it should have been... with correct gauge. I never "get" that... grrr.

  2. Yeah, I don't even want to have to take my measurements to make anything...that's why I love shawls! LOL!

  3. 4 inches is quite a bit. Thanks goodness for ravelry! Better to rip now that once it's all finished.

  4. Did you have any problems doing the waist band? I cannot get the stitches in row 1 to come out. I keep ending with k3 instead of k 5 right before the 8 seed stictches.

    1. Sorry! Never started this project again.


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