Monday, January 23, 2012

One week to go, and let's be realistic...

Since the new year, I've been thinking about travel, across 8 times zones, 24 hours of travel.  Only now I'm thinking about luggage, and weight, but for the past month, I've been mainly conscious of planning knitting for the trip.
1:  What's on needles that has to be finished before travel?
2:  What can accompany me for 24 hours?  Needle size, and bulk of yarn.
3:  What do I need to start and complete to make my stay in the snow (and rain) pleasant? After all, wool is the answer!

1:  On needles was the patterned (fair isle) pullover for my granddaughter.
 A project started in August, which was spurred on by this visit to her.  AND... mission accomplished.  A few days ago, I sewed the final seam and declared it gift worthy.
On needles I had a light weight cardigan that is intended for me.

 It is the perfect travel companion, for carrying and wearing, and on size US 5 needles, taking foreeeevver (also started in August).
On needles a few projects that will be taught in a class within a week after return from my trip.  Needed to knit enough to know what I need to know, if you know what I mean, so teddy bear was started, not without problems.

On needles,  other things that are in such ancient history that they are non-issues.
2:  What to bring?  I have socks on needles... the most portable of projects and always worked in the past.

3:  I need leg warmers.  Silly things... I have wanted them for three years... every time I get to Norway, I wish I had some. Two weeks ago I remembered BEFORE I got to Norway.  I found the perfect yarn (Mochi Plus) in the yummiest of colors and thought, "I have time." so I cast on.  The leg warmers are finished (yesterday) but now I HAVE to have a matching hat...
I know it is clear to many of you that I have my hands full, and there is a direct path from A to B, but, I'm not like that.  Instead, I wandered off the path and got distracted by my Polaris shawl.  What possessed me?  I had to try to right the wrong of my poor cast one, so December 30th, I cast on--again.  I love that pattern, I love the beads... I have a real problem ignoring it when I have other things that "seem" more pressing.
One week before departure, and I have decided to give up on the light-weight cardi.  It can wait till I return.  My daughter has helped me make that decision by buying yarn and pattern for "something to work on" while visiting...(ahem...)
Lest you think I'm relaxing by packing, staying busy with concerts, teaching, and rehearsals, you would be wrong...  Today I cast on (errrr, re-cast on) a hat that was finished before Christmas for my hubby.  I had to admit, it looked BAAAAD, hopefully because it's too big.  I'm making a smaller version, and since it's chunky yarn it won't take "THAT" long.  Oh, and I also cast on (after 2 inches of hubby's hat) the matching hat for me.  I might need it next Tuesday!
That's all...  One more thing:  The socks are staying home.  I have had such a yearning to knit something with my Regia Effekt yarn...Those colors are so ... fetching!

I cast on for a vest from "Not Just Socks" and it will accompany me on my 24 hour journey.  But it's 6 days away... anything can happen.  I love being "realistic"...


  1. The fair isle piece you made for you granddaughter is FABULOUS!! I'm sure it will be a garment that your daughter will treasure forever and pass on. It's simply gorgeous!

  2. I understand, I understand. It's so important to have the _right_ projects/needles/yarn with you.

    And, I can't believe it is next week that you go, already! So happy for you.


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