Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Better, this time!

Could I really do it?  Frog a whole lace shawl?  You betcha!
At the top is the first attempt, finished November 1, 2011.  Why, WHY!!  Why couldn't I get points to appear at the bottom edge?  The second attempt which I started December 30, has a purposely stretchy cast-on.  What a difference!
The pins:  In both pieces, the pins in the bottom edge are at every second bead.  Can you see that the top one is pinned at four beads, and the bottom is pinned at "almost" three beads.  That one stretchy cast on!
 In fact, the pattern looks...
 bigger, too!
 But I assure you, I used the same needles... It's the cast on.  The greenish blue needle is the one I used on both projects.  I know because it turned greenish blue from the first knitting.  Here are more needles from the same set to show how they started out.
It was with a sign of relief that I pinned these out and discovered I don't have to cast on AGAIN!    Time to start thinking about a life-line...


  1. I am impressed with your tenacity. Way to go.

  2. i wore mine to Guild this week-can't wait to see yours done, again!


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