Sunday, January 15, 2012

After the Knitting

There's more to life than knitting... No, I'm just kidding!  After the knitting, is the thinking about knitting.
Just kidding, again!  I think about knitting when I'm knitting, and when I'm not knitting.  OK, I'm obsessive... I'm the first and not the last to be aware of my condition.  So, when I spent from mid August to mid November knitting sporadically on a fair isle project, all the time I was imagining a certain two year old growing out of it.  Then I threw it in a basket and started a new fair isle.  The "knitting" part is finished, and what's left?  Sewing, cutting, blocking, weaving in ends, and ... the thinking about it.
I followed a pattern that was for a pullover with a tab neck opening, and I was only considering a true (crew neck) pullover or a cardigan.  Just didn't decide until two days ago that I indeed was going to follow the instructions and make the tab opening.  It's going to be great!  At the last check of measurements of said two year old, now two and a half, it will fit if I can get it to her in the next 2 months, or by her third birthday.
Here's some of the progress:
Circular bodice, before cutting.  The needles in the center mark the front opening.
Pieces blocked, the bodice has been cut open for sleeves, neck line shaped and
when it's totally dry, ready for construction.
More thinking, and luck is in order!


  1. You do the thinking & I'm sending thoughts for luck! Such a beautiful display of love.

  2. Impressive! And extra cute too. I'm looking at fair isle patterns quite some time, maybe this year...

  3. Thinking about kniitting is a good thing. Lovely ocloursi n that sweater.


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