Sunday, August 21, 2011

Loads of Yarn

In June I returned home with a 'boat-load' (or plane-load/suitcase-load) of yarn.  Leftover yarn from years of projects--other people's projects... don't ask.

I don't mind... I have a few more places to store un-loved yarns, however, it makes me itchy to use it.  In fact, I have this thing...(somebody, please analyze me kindly) that I would rather use yarns that are recycled and partially used skeins than start a project with brand new/newly purchased yarn.  I'm sure you are putting together yesterday's "thrifty" blog with today's information about my psyche (and my daughter and her friends are rolling their eyes) and thinking I'd be a great candidate for some treatment!  Bring it on-- I've perfected these flaws over my many years.
Do you think this is the same syndrome that makes me obsessive about eating all of the broken chips out of the bowl before the perfect, whole ones?  Anyway, back to knitting.

I brought back a boat-load of colors of mostly the same weight yarn.  One skein of each color, I have been eager to find a nice fair isle that would use them.  I found it!  A pattern that would use 5 of those colors, leaving only another 15 to find a purpose. Here is the beginning of a toddler pullover:
The original pattern uses a white background, but... I didn't have or want another white sweater.  In the same magazine there was much information on choosing colors, and they showed how the color intensity really shows true if the photo is black and white.
You can see that the lighter pink is almost the same as the light purple, which isn't "good" in their terms.  Oh well. Before I started, I lined up all the balls of yarn, took their picture and turned it black and white to look at the contrast.  I didn't notice how close they were then.

It's fun with so many colors, and so fulfilling to use up small amounts of color! STASH-BUSTING!


  1. You are so clever and smart - to say nothing of talented! I love those colors together!! What a lucky toddler to have such a creative grandma. k

  2. I can't understand why would someone not want that yarn! The fair isle you are knitting from it is so pretty. But again, me too have a few skeins of leftover yarn and don't know what to do with it (throwing away is not an option, I just don't throw away things that can be used). I guess it's the challenge that you like; anyone (who knows to knit) can make wonderful stuff from a brand new yarn, but if the options are so limited by the amount, color, texture etc etc than you need really good ideas, lots of creativity and lots of patience to make something outstanding.


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