Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've half-heartedly been picking up and knitting my "heart and flowers" sweater.  Every time I do, I fret over the size.  It looks too small, and finally on Friday, I got the confirmation that, yes, it is small for my 2.3 year old.  I left it, thinking maybe someday I'll cut it up and make mittens, or a hat or... a teddy bear sweater! Or....
until I need some of the yarn in it...
I found THIS beauty!  It's in a Rauma garn pattern booklet, possibly from 1993, and ADORABLE and interesting.
Just you wait.  Even though I'm making the 3 year old size, and really have no reason to finish it before February, it's calling my name! I hate to put it down.
The history behind the yarn and colors:  My daughter bought a Rauma pattern,

made THEE most gorgeous pullover, and I bought this yarn to make a larger size.  Immediately I lost/mis-placed (I hope) the pattern, so now the yarn has found a new home.  You can't buy just the patterns from Rauma without a yarn purchase... (how rude!) so someday, I'll have to go shopping...LOL


  1. That is the greatest picture. Doesn't the word cherubic come to mind when you look at that little fellow?

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