Friday, November 12, 2010

That stash!

I've tried to make sense of it, but until I do, action now!
My stash comes from an overwhelming urge to be a pack rat  thrifty. It's in my genes. Although my daughter would hate to admit it, she has things stored since her 10 years of parental independence, and "out of sight", her flat has been clutter-free.

My house has rooms and closets, a storage shed, a garage... and a lot of yarn. With the help of Ravelry, I have been diligent, some would say obsessive, about noting where I keep each acquisition, and with a click, I can peruse my stash in photos or sorted into many lists.  Thank you, RAVELRY!
Even with their help, I found that after my last purchase(s), it was getting out of hand.  I was looking for new places, and many of those places weren't exactly "out of sight".  
First I tried the closet:
#1 stacking cubes

 And more of the closet... and then added a bag in the closet
#2 Magazines and containers
#3 A big bag
Then drawers were enlisted, under the bed, and one in the file:
#4 In progress projects and yarn
#5 Top drawer of the music file

The obvious place would be to display them as art in my living room:
#6 Entertainment Center
 And what about those pretty baskets?
#7 Baskets (in living room)

#8 Baskets and pretzel jars on the quilt rack!
 Or MORE baskets, and plastic containers!!

And then, then,... where is this going to live?
#9 On the guest bed

 So I bought a few more places to organize the closet, labeled drawers, and was able to eliminate... not so much.  (#'s 3, 8 and 9 are gone, plus some items have shifted from the other hiding places.)

I call it a success!  (Ahem... unfortunately that closet was FULL before I started this... A trip to the shed is imminent.)

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