Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tea time popularity

I enjoy tea, now that the snow is blowing, and the doors and windows are closed.  Not because I enjoy tea, but I enjoy the ritual.  And it doesn't have to involve anyone else, nice when it does, but me.
And do you know what makes a great cup of tea experience?  A china cup.  And those I have.  I have inherited many, and they sit proudly in the china cabinet waiting for the day that I will choose that one.  Sometimes, once it gets selected, it stays the selectee for many weeks, but I'm going to try to consciously give them all a chance.  I have some of them packed away in the shed, I have so many.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee wrote about tea time on November 22 (my full-blood Scotch-Irish father's birthday, which certainly has something to do with my tea habits) and I was amazed that she had 655 comments on that particular blog.  655 !!! Who gets read 655 times on one post?
Time for tea:  Chai, soy, agave... What's your combination?

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  1. I really enjoyed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's tea time post as well. I think it inspired me to have tea time more often myself! I'm so glad I have a teapot now. It makes teatime much cosier for me.


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