Monday, November 1, 2010

More, Please!

More knitting in my future.  I was beginning to worry about having a family that would spend an entire year in the warmer climates and travel with nothing more than a suitcase and a backpack.  What kind of knitting would they want? I would feel guilty presenting them with woolen articles that weren't needed, or anything that they would feel would be a burden to carry (or surreptitiously rid themselves of).  I like that my knitting is usable.
Problem solved!  They plan to spend at least some time at Christmas in Norway!  Yeah for ice and snow!!
I immediately pulled out overalls I had started last December from Chic Knits for Stylish Babies.  Since my little one isn't a baby anymore, I will finish this last project from this wonderful book with the only pattern I could find for 18 months old.  All of the others are for up to one year.  I didn't get to make all that many of these "stylish" patterns... Very sad...
Here's my progress using "Heaven" by Fibranatura which is a merino/silk blend.
Lots of cables and knitted flat in one piece.
In Shale green
Leg folded over
(This is the extent of my professional photography... I'm a slacker...)

The pattern is called "Black and White" in the "All Weather Babies" section of the book.

We've been aware that many people think Juju is a little boy.  Her funny white hair and androgynous clothing perpetuate the concept, so I'll find something girly to put on the upper bodice, like a big knitted pink flower.  How could anyone think a little boy would wear a pink flower?


  1. What? No llama overalls? Or the outfit with the little girls with braids?? She can still wear 12 month sized stuff. Or you, with so much experience, should be able to alter the patterns. No?


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