Saturday, November 27, 2010


How far would you go?  to your LYS, to fall off your Yarn Diet?  For lunch with friends?  
How about 65 miles?  Yes, it's about that to the nearest REAL local yarn shop.  I go to Yarn in Durango.  Closer are the chain craft stores, but for a real LYS it's a pilgrimage.  And a very pleasant one too.
There's the drive up:
What could be better than that?
What about the store?
Great variety

The table with items to be shelved

And Jonni, who was posing in her Dale of Norway
Then there's the trip back:
Yep!  That's the color of the sky...
The damage to my diet?  Eight skeins of lovely pima cotton pulled out of storage in the back room.  (Who knits with cotton in November?)


  1. Beautiful colour on your yarn, can't wait to see what you'll knit up with it :)

  2. That makes me feel lucky to have 3 !!! decent shops withing half an hour.


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