Thursday, November 11, 2010

How does this happen? Or...

...Is this stash going to be controlled, or will it control me?

I have to ask myself: Why do I have 144 items listed in my stash list?  And how can I even think of buying more?  
1.  Yarn shops are in business to sell.  They put out models of projects, and they display yarn.  Is that all it takes?
2.  I have a long history of touching yarn.  The sensitivity of my fingertips as I squeeze fiber... (This is getting sick!)
3.  I have the $$$ means.
4.  I have no one but myself to answer to.  No one to stop me.
5.  If there was a war, or I should become destitute, or depressed, or unable to leave the house... I'm set for life!
6.  Hey!  It's all good!!!!

I'm a lucky person.  For real temptation I have to drive at least an hour to my LYS!  And I travel a lot. LOL  (Yarn diet until 2011.)

1 comment:

  1. like you'll make that big a dent in the stash in the next 6-7 weeks!! good luck with the diet! ;-) (I speak from experience!!)


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