Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tweed or?

Mixed feelings about this yarn... Stroll tweed.  I wish there wasn't so many white bits.  The black and brown and red tweed bits are fine, but the white?  It's going to make my knit buddies laugh, and remember the white pom poms referred to as "dandruff". That's all I see when I look at my sock.
The pattern is Eunice by Cookie A.  Second time for the pattern. The color is Barn Door Heather, which sounds wonderful.  The Barn Door IS nice, but the heather looks like the cotton fluff that will soon be inundating my yard.  Sigh!
Tomorrow I'm picking a few strawberries... Yes, the thunderstorms have come through here every few days, and the strawberries love it!

Happy Spring!

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