Monday, May 18, 2015

Near Route 66

Yes, Gallup, New Mexico, Route 66, but everyone uses I-40 these days.
Mick and I used to attend the yearly (December) Balloon Rally at Red Rocks, and get snowed in...
This time, we had snow on the ground and in the air on May 16th!  And it was COLD, but people came, and I survived the digital organ software.  (Not a pipe organ.)

The buttons you see in the photo above are on a computer screen.  Those are the stops (touch screen) for the pedals and Swell manual.  There's another computer screen to my right with stops for Great and Choir.  
I believe that it wasn't any more confusing or difficult to use than if there had been physical stops to push or pull.  It just takes time to know what to push, and to check if you've pushed correctly before you begin to play.  
A pretty little church, and friendly people!  The organ was equipped with more than enough sound.  We did our best to fill the space with sound!

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