Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wrap of the decade...

A real Wrap-in-progress!
This is my Wrap Me Up that I knitted in 2008, as per instructions.  It was a long, wide scarf.  Too wide to wear around your neck, so it was a "wrap".  It didn't take me long to feel really warm and cozy around my shoulders, but it wouldn't cover much of my back, and none of my "backside".  And I felt chilly.  You can see all of the photos, from my first version, on Ravelry.

In 2010, I cut it in two.  Not exactly in half, because the blocks didn't split it in half, I sewed them together to make 90º, and it became more of a shawl/poncho combination. Above, the seam is at the thicker blue line on the left.  However, now one side is longer, as my dog (bad dog) is pointing out below.
Definitely wearable, and super warm, covers my "backside" nicely, but I still felt like tugging on it to compensate for the unevenness.
Step 2,041 (or so):  I found I had two of the same yarns in my stash, I added a third (the light blue), and I added on this piece.

I SOOOO loved the squiggly blue trim/line, so it was a no brainer that I would repeat that motif. And now, I have a shawl that is warm, relatively even in length, and fun to wear. 2008-2015, almost a decade--and it has changed less than the iPhone!

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  1. Don't you look cute as a button. And very happy with your wrap too.


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