Sunday, March 8, 2015

A decade from the past

Anyone recognize these?  The blue sheets are "airgrams".  A thing of the past, I believe.
They are super thin sheets of paper which are folded, and licked, into an envelope with writing on it. It's the hippie 70's version of email!  The only thing we could afford.  In Norway it cost 20¢, double that if you used paper and envelope, to send anywhere in the world!  I didn't realize how prolific my husband was until this bundle showed up.  They are his letters to his parents mostly from 1978-1983 and they are amazing... A perfect diary of our lives.  
Somewhere there is another stack which is my writings to my parents, and someday, I'll pull them out.  I sorted this pile by date, I think.  I found that we were remiss in writing the YEAR on our correspondence.  How COULD we?  I thought it was only my husband that did that, but a few of mine are in this pile and I didn't write years, either.  Somehow, I'm sure from the tidbits of activities reported, I managed to make guesses at the years, and some day.... I would like to type them in and make a real diary, in printed book form.  I'll have to lock myself away to do it, and then someone will have to lock me up!
I found information about plans we made and didn't follow up on, and things we did that neither of us remembered, and all kinds of things of interest only to me!  Remember when "Dynasty" was a big deal?

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