Friday, July 4, 2014

Working Women

All sorts of working. An evening of work for me as a seamstress.  I wish I had taken a "before" photo, because my daughter (the working woman) came home with the smallest size available and 12 hours before take-off... a man's medium.  EVERYTHING needed shortening, but I got away with shortening the sleeves, the leg cuffs, and the bodice (a huge tuck just above the waist.)

Wish I had had her put on steel-toed boots and hard hat for the full effect!
 The biggest part was removing the top+bottom opening zipper and putting it back in.  Amazingly I had the presence of mind to leave it sewn in from the collar down about 5 inches, so I didn't have to line it up again at the top.  She didn't mind that it no longer unzips from the bottom...

Wow! Reflective!
Happy Fourth!

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