Monday, July 14, 2014

And Then I got BUSY!

My first week of full-time daycare was last week.  Let's say it starts around 7 when I am greeted by a cheery little girl who wants grandma to play a game.  And it ends around supper time.  There's lots to do, and we will probably do repeats this week because some are so popular.
One day we were at the aquarium:
Penguins, sea lions, and crocodiles are fascinating.  And I was asked so many questions... like about the huge tiger python curled up with its skin.  She wants to know everything. And that's OK!
Other days were playground, and science museum, and crafts.
The scooter is the new thing! and who wouldn't want Hello, Kitty knee, elbow and wrist pads?
On the fifth day of the week we went to see the other grandparents, a bus and a ferry and a bus, and a taxi away... 4 hours.  And the weather couldn't be nicer!  Life on the coast...
Ferry crossing: The bus drives on and we get off.  It's a 40 minute ride.

And at the grandparents':
And the amazing sunsets... 10:15 pm.
Knitting projects, too, to follow.


  1. How grown up she looks!
    So glad you are having nice weather and lots of fun!


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