Thursday, January 16, 2014

Almost… finished, second try, second knitter...

A pullover with hood has been on my Ravelry page since last summer, and it proudly is described as C's project, not mine!  Six months later, I arrive for a visit and now it's mine.  I'm a finisher, that's for sure.  In fact, I detest unfinished projects.  Sometimes (sometimes) I don't start things because I KNOW it won't get finished…a noble life to live…but sometimes my startitis gets a grip.  But now the pullover is officially mine.  My last question to C was, "If I can't finish in 2 weeks, would you be willing to finish, by knitting the hood and assembling the pieces."  The answer was emphatic, and it didn't sound like "not finished" was an option.  So I have a schedule, that doesn't look especially realistic…
It's a beauty!
When I started, the sleeves and the bodice pattern part were completed.  I was asked to finish so I knitted merrily around and around without pattern instructions until after a few inches there was a discussion as to whether it would be big enough for Juju.
I measured this one, and I measured sweaters that are in use, and determined that no, it wouldn't fit.  Then there was further discussion about cutting it open and inserting side panels, or a front (cardigan) opening, and it all seemed too much trouble, so with great gnashing of teeth (not mine, of course) I ripped the bodice back to the garter ridge bottom border.
Of course, I used the previous model as a gauge sample, and knowing what I know about garter ridges compared to fair isle construction, I decided to increase from 150 to 180 for the color work.  And I decreased at the end of the color work.  It looks a bit…roomy… but I console myself with "better bigger".  It now is a size 6.
So here's a little challenge for all you followers:  I have a nice ball of Big Delight (DROPS) in charcoal colours (OK, I'm using a Norwegian keyboard which insists that colour should have a U in it, and I'm tired of fighting with it…).  It will be YOURS if you can tell me how much more I need to do before January 27.  (Hint: I shouldn't be sitting here blogging…)
There are five things to complete before I can leave it here and travel home.
If you email me, and don't spoil it for others in comments, I'll put your name in a hat as a prize candidate.  If you don't know my email, comment and I'll get back to you.  You have until Tuesday to give me your answers, and you can use any means available to figure it out.  I don't care if you think I can actually get this done…:)  Let's just say I have some airport and train time ahead of me this weekend.
And the prize:
It's a beauty.  I bought and used the same yarn for a wonderful scarf.
Good luck!  Have a great weekend!  Stay warm, and KNIT!


  1. I know the five things, plus two more : redo the sleeves so they fit a 6 year old, too! :-P

  2. so, my brain is not functioning! i am assuming the sleeve today is going through some serious speed knitting. it is now about 24 hours to go and i assume that sleeve is soon to be attached to the body and a happy happy purple loving munckin will be sporting the lovely creation in the coming week. this in no way resembles the requirements of this competition, but rules are like rubber bands eh :)

    on a completely side note, it was lovely to see you, i promise next time to wine and dine you. this month has been very icky when it comes to spare time. hugs hugs hugs!


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